Engines and parts wanted and for sale.

No guarantees that this will be kept up to date, but here's a few odds and ends I have floating around that might be useful, and the things I'm looking for. No prices on the stuff I may let go of - I'd prefer to swap for things I need.


For sale or swap:

I will be putting up for sale sometime soon, two Marklin 4097 engines. One is complete, with smokestack, burner, and dynamo. In excellent running condition: no loose boiler nuts, no corroded cylinders. Has been steamed recently. The other 4097 is missing the smokestack, burner and dynamo.

Doll vertical boiler. Not really sure I want to let go of this, but might be willing to entertain trades.

Cylinder assemblies. On the left is a Marklin, from a 4097. Somewhere I have the lagging for this one. On the right, is a vertical cylinder assembly. Could be Bing, Falk, or Plank. Original black paint is still on most of the cast iron journals and mount, but no pinstriping evident, so probably not Doll. I have the cylinder and valve body to go with this, it's on my Doll 474 right now. But, it doesn't quite fit, so it's largely for show.

Small Marklin valves. I have two, from my electric.