Steam and related links.

Online museums:

Robin Corsiglia. The father of all model steam web sites. Robin’s site was the only web based resource when I began searching for information on old steam models. Impressive collection of Marklin engines.

Dallas Morris. Dallas has nothing but the finest models, and a complete Cretors popcorn wagon.

Steve's Gallery An interesting cross section of model steaming, including Stuart engines.

IndianaRog Roger is a Jensen lover of some note, and has been an invaluable source of Jensen information, and the odd part or two. Also has some excellent Empire engines.

The MooseMan. Odilon Marcenaro's site, this is the definitive source for information on Bowman stationary models.

John Chapman. An excellent resource for British steam models of the 1930's to 1950's. Lots of good information that can't be found anywhere else.

Doll catalog Online Doll et Cie catalog, scan of 1929 and 1937 Doll catalogs. Site is in German, so you will need to sprechen sie Deutsch, or have a translation site handy.

Crabfu Steam Not an antique model site, crabfu will steam power just about anything that he can. A steam powered model tank is interesting, a steam powered centipede is mechanically outrageous.

Mirko Almasi Ein Deusches, but he has some excellent pieces, including a very rare Bing turbine. I'm envious...

Current Manufacturers:




Marklin (USA)

Marklin (DE)


Wilesco (DE)

Wilesco (UK)


Stuart Turner

Sussex Steam

Vision Engineering



These are companies that I have done business with, and can recommend.

The Great Toy Steam Company. Great prices on Esbit in bulk and new Wilesco engines, and he stocks Z gauge Marklin trains (another passion of mine). When I hit the lottery, I’ll order one of the Vision Engineering York-Bolton models.

Station 500. Matthais Brenner is based in Germany, sells on ebay. Has good prices on the entire Wilesco line, and Marklin model trains.

Hans Willi Walter. Usually has several very impressive Nuremburg models for sale. A bit pricey, but he has them.

Paper n' Steam Galore. Purveyer of British steam models, and usually has a few antique British models in stock. Chas is a steam lover, and a pleasure to deal with.

Other sites of interest:


The Comic Museum. This is Joe Snider’s excellent collection of comics and exotic fantasy artwork.


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