Krauss, Mohr & Company (1895-1903)

Mohr and Krauss (1903-1923)

Wilhelm Krauss (1923-1938)


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I'm still looking up history on this company. With the company names going back and forth like they do, there has to be an interesting story behind it all.

Beam Engine
No ID on this one, other than the name badge which dates it to the 1895-1903 range. Oscillating cylinder, litho cylinder pedestal, wood base.

In somewhat fragile condition, but most of it is there, and the litho on the cylinder pedestal is in great condition. Steam line is a mess, but that's a lot easier to fix than the litho being gone.

Well, what's left of it...

Windmill/water mill/workshop hammer toy
A bit battered, but complete. Marked WK

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