Anschutz 54

For the man who has everything: a $2000 tack driver.

I had thought that in terms of rimfire accuracy, they don't get a whole lot better than the Walther KK I've been shooting - well, they don't get any better than this. It's a mod 1813, moderately used and in immaculate condition when I found it. This was Anschutz' top of the line model some 15 years ago, and is still considered a competitive rifle in the highest levels of smallbore shooting.

Not a scratch on the metalwork, anywhere. This one is a sweetheart, if I can apply a sexist term to a firearm. It makes it easy to hit the mark. Fits your right hand perfectly, fits your shoulder perfectly, and your left hand, and just about everything else. Balances beautifully, and even fires accurately from the shoulder with a little practice. If you can fire a 14 pound rifle standing and hit anything, you're doing pretty good. Not too much doesn't adjust on this rifle, and the newer models: 1913 and 2013, adjust even more.

For the moment, I've mounted my 2" 15x Unertl, but am in the process of obtaining iron sights. As purchased, it had no sights with it.

Help! I've obtained the excellent Anschutz rear sight, plus the adjustable AHG front sight. But, as someone later warned me, the AHG sight doesn't line up on the 1813, it's mount is designed for the 19xx barrel, which is thicker at the end. I need a front sight mount to get this one to line up properly. Anyone have any ideas?

So, how accurate is it? I've been firing off of a sandbag rest in tests. At 50 yards, it has produced .2" patterns with Federal UM1, and .3" patterns with Winchester Supreme. It did very well with the Eley Match Xtra that did poorly in my 52D. Otherwise, it appears to shoot just slightly better than the 52D and Walther from a rest. Ergonomics are superior to both, it just feels terrific when you shoulder it. That plays more than a passing role in position shooting.

Note the brass plate on the forestock. The previous owner put that on to distinguish his rifle from similar models at a firing range.

Anschutz has become a modern legend in smallbore competition. They sweep the Olympics and practically all other international competitions as well, year after year. Quite an accomplishment, considering the company had to pretty much start over after WW2, when the Russians literally carted their factory away.

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